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When it comes to travel abroad, there are a few items you surely must focus on. Perhaps expertise is the most important. You are looking for a safe trip as well as an accurate schedule with no surprises nor unexpected payments at all. Chamorro Travel Services is in the incoming tourism business since 1982. Our 25-year background is the most relevant asset we use to highlight when we first know passengers from all over the world.

Trust is probably the other main column to check when you evaluate the qualifications of a given travel agent. Quality certificates are not for everyone in Argentina, due to the lack of government's and national organizations' control over small town's providers and far located suppliers. We comply both IATA and AAAVyT certifications, being the highest quality standars to accomplish. It requests a deep knowledge of every single provider all along the country, so we can choose the resources that fit each passenger. When those seals and our name are envolved, no risk is our policy.

Expertise and trust is what we sale. Full satisfaction from our customers is what we get. They are who decide year after year if the grade "experts" fits us.

Chamorro Travel Services gives you a full-country coverage although remaining a mid-size company. This allows Juan Carlos Chamorro, share holder and C.E.O., to be your personal contact no matter how special your requests are or your needs become. To be in touch with a real pro at any time makes all the difference between standard and custom-made tours.

Tour packages are good in order to compare and build a budget. But a rich, spicy, unforgettable experience is only possible when you deal with people who understand your desires, who read your needs and who are really able to deliver the tour program you were waiting for.



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