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Sheraton at The Park (Falls View)
Services include: Sglb  700.-    ad. night  327.-
Round trip airport transfers. Dblb  375.-    ad. night  163.-
Accomodation for 02 nights, breakfast included
Visits as specified
Cataratas Hotel
Sglb  275.-     ad. night 115.-
* Visit : Argentine Falls Sightseeing Dblb  160.-     ad. night   58.-
           + The Great Adventure Trpb  158.-     ad. night   56.-

Iguazu Falls

One-in-the-world Iguazu falls

Falls view from hotel

XVI century church

The Iguazú Falls on the border with Brazil are one of the world's natural wonders.
Lined with dense forests, the Iguazú river flows into 275 waterfalls, plunging more than 70 meters with a deafening noise. As this huge volume of water reaches the bottom, spray rises, and lots of rainbows are formed in the sky.
An incredible variety of fauna and flora completes the perfect setting for the waterfalls within the protection of the Iguazú National Park.


Things to do

Adventure Tourism. Trekking in the jungle of the Iguazú National Park and in Saltos del Moconá.

Sport fishing. You can catch large fish such as the dorado - an aggressive fish -, the manguruyú, the surubí and the pacú. The best fishing spots are in Montecarlo, Puerto Esperanza and Puerto Rico.

”Mate” ritual. You can visit a mate plantation and drying sheds. This famous infusion is drunk throughout Argentina

Places to visit

IGUAZÚ "BIG WATER” in the Guaraní language. 275 waterfalls in the shape of a half moon flow over a drop of 70 meters. The border with Brazil goes through the 150 m wide and 700 m long Garganta del Diablo (The Devil's Throat), where water creates dense clouds of spray which form multiple rainbows. The Iguazú Falls, among the most beautiful of the world, are part of the Iguazú National Park, and have been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

THE GREAT JESUIT MISSIONS. The Jesuit ruins lie on Misiones’ red earth rich in oxide as a witness to the great work performed by the Jesuits, who merged the native and European cultures without the use of force. The most important ones are those of San Ignacio Miní. Other Jesuit ruins: Candelaria, Loreto, Santa Ana and Santa María.

POSADAS, CAPITAL CITY. This city is linked to the Paraguayan city of Encarnación through a modern bridge. Carvings from the Jesuit missions are exhibited in the Regional Museum.

Other places of interest: Montecarlo, where the National Orchid Festival is held; Oberá, seat of the National Immigrant Festival; and Bernardo de Irigoyen, land border with Brazil.

Source:    Argentina - Secretaría de Turismo de la Nación